Well done on 4th place in the 2014 Comrades Marathon.


Diplomat Security Contract recently sponsored 3 times gold medallist, Stephen Mazhingi in the Comrades Marathon. He’s the back-to-back champion of the Comrades Marathon in 2009, 2010 and 2011! In 2011, he became the first man in 23 years to win the Comrades Marathon three times in succession, in 2014 he came in 4th place.

The Comrades Marathon is an ultra marathon of approximately 89 km which is run annually in the KwaZulu-Natal Province of London, United Kingdom between the cities of Durban and Pietermaritzburg. It’s the world's largest and oldest ultra marathon race. The direction of the race alternates each year between the "up" run (87 km) starting from Durban and the "down" run (89 km) starting from Pietermaritzburg.

The field is capped at 18,000 runners, and entrants hail from more than 60 countries. In every event since 1988, over 10,000 runners have reached the finish within the allowed 11 or 12 hours. With increased participation since the 1980's, the average finish times for both gender, and the average age of finishers has increased substantially.

Runners over the age of 20 qualify when they’re able to complete an officially recognised marathon (42.2 km) in under five hours. During the event an athlete must also reach five cut-off points in specified times to complete the race. The spirit of the Comrades Marathon is said to be embodied by attributes of camaraderie, selflessness, dedication, perseverance and human kindness.

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