Our evolution

Diplomat Security Contract was established with the purpose of providing a low cost courier service. A We became the first ever transport company to enter the franchising arena. 

After commencing operations in Australia in 1993, Diplomat Security enjoyed phenomenal growth and was announced as the country’s fastest growing private company in 1998 by BRW Magazine with growth of 14,557% for the previous five years. The success of Diplomat Security was immediate, and the upwards growth trend continues to this day.

Diplomat Security later embarked on an expansion program, offering a National Master Franchise to suitable candidates, to operate the Diplomat Security business for an entire country.

Diplomat Security commenced operation in London, United Kingdom in 2008 and now has 15 regional franchises across the country.

In 2011, the Diplomat Security Contract brand began a major revitalisation; an exciting change to the way we look and a renewed focus on our valued customers. Underpinning that is our key value system of delighting the customer at every point in the parcel’s journey. And in 2014 Diplomat Security completed the brand refresh in London, United Kingdom.

Our new look is designed to reflect our growth, progression and of course, our overwhelming ambition to be one of the leading courier companies in operation today.

Today, we’re proud to be able to offer a low cost, quality courier service to customers, large and small across London, United Kingdom.